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Let’s have a look back at where it started and how it started.

Who is Regus 'Roobs' REUBENS?

The Man With The Mona Lisa Afro

My name is Spence.

Regus ‘Roobs’ Reubens grew out of a need to create a new Facebook profile due to Spence spending a considerable of amount time in the Zuckerberg Facility for Facebook Felons.

I’ve had other alter egos you may or may not have heard of such as Rusty Aldebaron, Marcus Well, Ivor Biggen & Cletus Moiste.

Spence was born in Brisbane in 1974 and is a long time Gold Coast local. Having grew up in the seaside suburb of Burleigh Heads. 

Regus Reubens was born 29th February 1980 in Krakenwhore, a small village on the Austro-Hungarian border. Roobs emigrated to Australia with his parents Helga & Stuben Reubens in 1982 when he was half a year old.

Roobs’ father Stuben, or Stoobs as he was affectionately known, was run out of Krakenwhore due to his involvement in The Great Sourkraut Wars of the late 70s/early 80s. When the KrakenStazi imposed unfair taxes and restrictions on local cabbage farmers, Stoobs stepped up to the plate and blockaded the Krakenwhore city limits, putting an embargo on any sourkraut leaving the area destined for mainstream supermarkets.

When the rest of the country couldn’t get the sourkraut to go on their humongus bratwurst foot longs, the government relented and lifted the taxes and restrictions. But they were pissed, and Stoobs and his young family had to flee for their lives.

They arrived in Australia and settled in the Brisbane suburb of Acacia Ridge.

Tragically, Stoobs was killed in an unfortunate pickling accident in 1997. Drowning in a vat of vinegar and capers he was preparing for his new line of pickled dill pickles. His dream ended there and it never took off in Australia.

Roobs’ Mum Helga is alive and well and lives with her 20 cats, 14 dogs and a galah in the Gold Coast Hinterland and has a ‘natural flora’ side business, providing much needed ‘natural herbs’ to the local community. Fully organic folks.

A Roobs' selfie
Roob's cousin Dudley, or Doobs. He's had 2 pfizer shots, 3 boosters and it's given him a severe case of Bells' Palsy.
Sgt Stuben 'Stoobs' Reubens (centre) at the Krakenwhore city limits, Dec 1981.
Stoobs hard at work at the ill fated dill pickle factory in 1996.
Roobs' Mum Helga

The original shit files

Helping Mum Wake Up

Back in February 2021 I went down yet another rabbit hole.

I am lucky enough to have an Aunt who woke me up when I was about 12 years old. With everything she told me about coming true and especially in the last 2 years. But, you do get complacent and I breezed through 2020 without really worrying about the plandemic too much except for knowing it was a fraud and covid doesn’t exist.

That all changed in early 2021 when my Mum asked me, ‘Are you getting the jab when it becomes available?

I said nope.

And we had a huge argument, cause there’s no way I am taking an experimental poison folks, yet my Mum believes in vaccines.

So for the next three weeks I went into a state of despair, anguish, no sleep and a very deep, dark rabbit hole.

When I came out the other side I was determined to help Mum wake up and not get the covid death serum. And the Original Shit Files was born.

The idea was to make a physical file she could hold in her hands and read, because she wouldn’t look at anything I sent her from the internet, partly because she doesn’t computers well and also because of the cognitive dissonance.

I printed everything I could get my hands on that was relevant. Incidentally that’s when Roobs met Shazza Matazz, and if it wasn’t for her none of what we are doing now would even exist.

I left the file on Mum’s desk and hoped for the best. It was my Hail Mary moment.

In the meantime I was sure there were probably millions of people all over the world in the same predicament I was in. So I put the Shit Files into electronic form and promoted it on Facebook, and all the adverse reaction groups from overseas that had been created at the time. I ended up sending it to over 200 people around the world and in Australia. I also sent the physical file to many people in Australia too.

Then about two weeks into it my Mum says to me, ‘Spence, I didn’t read your file, but I’ve decided not to take the jab. I saw how hard you were working and how upset you were so there must be something in that’

Folks, that was the happiest day of my life. On a par with the day my son was born. I didn’t quite wake her up fully cause she was still slipping back and forth on either side of the fence, but she wasn’t gonna get the jab and that was good enough for me.

After that I updated the shit files four times, even back then the goalposts were shifting all the place on a regular basis, and it was starting to become very time consuming and difficult to keep up. What was relevant one week was not the next. Now, it is changing every day, but I thought I had to keep it going. How could I keep it going without burning myself out?

Roobs’ Flyers was born.

The Original Shit Files
Fancy a jelly bean?

Roobs' flyers

A weekly Newsletter

I was never a big believer in flyers. In fact I had a no junk mail sign on my letterbox, (we’ll deal with that issue later), and any junk mail that ended up in my mail box went straight in the recycle trash bin. 

But after consultation with Shazza Matazz, it was decided that we start doing a weekly newsletter flyer. A different flyer each week with links and sayings/quotes designed to help people wake up.

An A5 double sided black and white print on 100gsm coloured paper. The beige, off white, the salmon, the chemtrail blue, the parrot shit yellow, the baby shit green and the graphene grey.

With the bogus TGA stats on the back. *Note; we stopped putting them on the back of the flyers recently after it became glaringly obvious they are indeed, bogus. But we may revisit them in the future to re-iterate how bogus they are.

But I’m mighty glad we did decide to go with doing a flyer, and boy was I wrong about them. When Week 1 of Roobs’ Flyers debuted on 1st July, 2021 it proved to be a hit!

In the 1st week we distributed 14500 of our brand new flyers. And this was before the Telegram channel too. So it was an instant success. 

That changed my mind completely about flyers and while I still do not like junk mail, Roobs’ Flyers are NOT junk mail, they are essential information. 

The biggest distribution week so far was Week 3, “We have freedom of choice”. With over 21000 printed and distributed on our end. We have no way of knowing how many people printed at home from the PDF we make available, but heaps do. We constantly get feedback from people around the Continent who tell us they print them for their local areas.

That’s awesome and gave rise to the mantra…..’There won’t be a corner of Straya’ without a Roobs’ Flyer in it!’

When we first started doing the flyers we did them for free, people just paid postage, unfortunately that could not continue otherwise we’d be in broke town in no time. But we do try to make them as affordable as possible for people and also provide our flyer PDFs for free so people can print them at home for themselves and their local areas.


Roobs Flyers
The Roobs Flyers Original Logo
A Roobs Rally Flyer in a shopfront window
Shazza Matazz in her Sunday best.
Uh oh, Shazza Matazz...

Who is shazza matazz?

Late February…2021. I was contemplating how I was gonna print out the required number of documents for The Shit Files. There were heaps, and my trusty ole $37 HP scan/copy/print from JB Hi-Fi wasn’t gonna cut it. The replacement ink costs more than the printer!

So I made a few phone calls, and it led me to an undisclosed location. By pure ‘coincidence’, out walks Shazza Matazz and greets me with her trademark smile and wave accompanied by an enthusiastic.. “Hi”, and thus was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Shazza is a veteran of the right to life and anti vaccination movement, being prominent for many years with the AVN, Cherish Life, and going to rallies long before the covid fraud. Remember no jab, no play?

Parents of unvaxxed children not afforded the same discounted childcare rates as those that are, that old chestnut. Sounds a bit too familiar now doesn’t it?

Shazza also makes substantial, ongoing charitable donations to people and organisations that need it plus, helps many small businesses spruik their wares without blowing their budget. 

Shazza was born & bred in Straya’ and comes from a long line of Matazz’s. Her parents Bazza & Razza Matazz are stalwarts of the Strayan’ printing industry and are best known for their 1975 series of highway banners urging publicans to open after 6pm. It worked, what time do pubs close now?

Bazza Matazz was a stern, but fair man and always put tucker on the table for his wife and kids which included Shazza, and her 7 brothers…Gazza, Dazza, Lazza, Bazza Jnr, Wozza, Mozza & Macca.

Growing up in a family with such rhyming names has put Shazza Matazz in good stead for anything life throws at her.

Shazza puts the Roobs in Roobs’ Flyers. 

Roobs' Orifice

Every flyer publisher needs an office.
Flyers on a wall