A plandemic of fear and bullshit. CLOVID-19 Contradictions. When trying to catch a liar out, you look for contradictions. A good liar does not contradict him/herself. Liar No. 1, Aka Mainstream Media, July 2021 – “Extreme heat causes you to spontaneously die”, with increasing urgency thrown into the headline, for good measure. Liar No. […]


STOP THE LIGHT RAIL! Stop the light rail on the Southern Gold Coast. Save Our Southern Gold Coast. 7th January, 2023. Concerned locals converged on the Southern Gold Coast this morning to protest the PROVEN small business killer, The Light Rail, being built through the southern GC beachside suburbs of Mermaid Beach, Nobbys Beach, Miami, […]

The Fabian Society

The Fabian Society. Does this sound familiar? “The Fabianists believe in achieving their aims by stealth. They were opposed to the violent revolutions in Russia and China. Instead, they prefer to infiltrate into positions of power and then go about implementing their socialist agenda step by step. They operate so stealthily and operate so slowly, […]

Obtain your live birth certificate.

Have you ever heard Common Law people talking about your ‘Live Birth Certificate’? You might think it’s a load of mumbo jumbo, and such a thing does not exist. But I am hear to tell you, and show you that it is a real thing. And I’m not even a Common Law guy! My good […]

The VaXXed Bus is going to Tassie!

Australian Vaccination Risks Network Vaxxed Bus Tour of Tasmania. The Vaxxed Bus will be touring through TASMANIA in February 2023. Tour Schedule:LAUNCESTON – Saturday 4-2-2023GEORGE TOWN – Sunday 5-2-2023SCOTTSDALE – Monday 6-2-2023ST. HELENS – Tuesday 7-2-2023BICHENO – Wednesday 8-2-2023TRIABUNNA – Friday 10-2-2023RICHMOND – Sunday 12-2-2023HOBART – Monday 13-2-2023CYGNET – Tuesday 14-2-2023GLENORCHY – Thursday 16-2-2023QUEENSTOWN – […]


Roobs is hiring! Sort of….. We need an animator to put together a 10-15 sec cartoon. We will pay you in coloured silk paper, fine silver cutlery, portionable gold ingots or other priceless artefacts from our underground dowry. Please email [email protected] if you think you have the skills to do the job. Thank you.

Conspiracy Trivia 2.O Highlights

Including the Tin Foil Hat Competition. Mike Tython’s Conspirathy Trivia – by Roobs & Shazza. Saturday, 17th December 2022. Grounded Greek Restaurant. Miami, Qld, 🇦🇺. Highlights from Rounds 1, 2, 3 & 4, including the Tin Foil Hat Competition. Play along at home! It’s a mini-conspiracy trivia! Thank you to all who attended and to […]

Interview with a Satanic Ritual Abuse/Torture & Organ Harvesting Survivor.

Interview with a satanic ritual torture/abuse and organ harvesting survivor. 20th December, 2022. John Wilson interviews Ryan, who at the hands of ‘public health’ in Queensland, Australia has suffered ‘man made artery compression to induce thrombosis’, after a serious traffic accident left with him serious injuries to both legs. Whilst undergoing surgery arteries and tendons […]


REMOVE THE MONSTROSITY FROM HOTA AND THE GOLD COAST COUNCIL CHAMBERS. 13th December, 2022. Goal 22 of the 45 goals of Communism is to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute them with shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms” Goal 23 is to Control art critics and directors of art museums. They state, “Our […]