January 17, 2023

by roobs

A plandemic of fear and bullshit.

Oh no, you’ll die if it’s too hot
Oh no, you’ll die if it’s too cold



When trying to catch a liar out, you look for contradictions. A good liar does not contradict him/herself.

Liar No. 1, Aka Mainstream Media, July 2021 – “Extreme heat causes you to spontaneously die”, with increasing urgency thrown into the headline, for good measure.

Liar No. 1 again, January 2023 – “Cold snap could cause strokes and heart attacks”, with an added…Medics have warned you so this must be true.

  • An added side note. They have pushed the global warming/climate change hoax for many years, but now they’re attributing an illness THEY gave you..with the 💉, any 💉, to climate change.

It’s pretty comical and too much of a lie that umm, yeah nah, they’re not gonna get away with this one folks. I call it CLOVID!

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