Conversations With Kevin.

August 17, 2023

by roobs

Part 2 – A Class Action In The Plandemic.

Welcome to Conversations With Kevin. A series of short interviews and discussions with LtCol Kevin Loughrey (Ret’d).

Part 2 – A Class Action In The Covid Plandemic.

In this episode we talk about Dr Melissa McCann who is one of many brave doctors speaking out against the government lies and propaganda that the covid jab is safe and effective. She is leading the charge in a massive Class Action against the Commonwealth Government on behalf of people in Australia who’ve been injured, or worse, from the deadly mRNA Injections, and their families. See article from The Children’s Health Defense –

Link to to Class Action –

We also discuss mask wearing, the government response to the plandemic, and all the other BS that goes along with it.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Conversations With Kevin, Thanks For Watching.

Kevin is a former Australian Army Officer, serving a total of 32 years and retiring with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 2015. As well as being a military man he has held senior management roles in Government and Private Enterprises before forming his own business and employing many people.

Kev is dedicated to straightening out the mess our country is in. He ran as an independent candidate for Ballina in the recent NSW State Election and has his eye on the seat of Richmond in the next Federal Election.

It’s always very enjoyable talking to Kevin, not only is he a wealth of knowledge, he’s a bloody good bloke too!

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