Dead Guy Wins Election

November 10, 2022

by Aussie Roobs

He was the preferred candidate, too bad he’s dead.


You’ve heard about dead people voting in US Elections?

Well now dead candidates are winning in US Elections, and by a landslide too.

Check out this latest bit of Midterm Madness.

“The late Pennsylvania State Representative Tony DeLuca won re-election on Tuesday night, one month after he sadly passed away following a brief battle with Lymphoma. 

According to the Pennsylvania Dept of State, DeLuca received nearly 86% of the vote running against Green Party candidate Queonia Livingston in the Pittsburgh area 32nd House District.”

Mr DeLuca got 14,000 election day votes and 7,000 mail in votes despite being dead and Ms Livingston, despite still being alive, got fuck all.

It seems the incumbent was a better choice for the constituents of the 32nd House District.

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