August 17, 2022

by Aussie Roobs

Sent from One Voice

Dear Freedom Community,

We have heard terms like, “the pandemic of the unvaccinated” being trumpeted before the COVID jab rollout. And now more than 90% of Australians are at least double jabbed, it has become the pandemic of the vaccinated; but of course, they will never call it this. Instead, they are starting to brainwash people with further stigmatisation of the unvaccinated. Apparently, a new study out of Canada says that the unvaccinated are a threat to the vaccinated!

Why are the unvaccinated a threat if COVID vaccines work???

As this type of brainwashing continues, we can only expect further persecution from our puppet governments.

I believe the only way is for us to continue to speak the truth LOUD AND CLEAR more so than ever before, because we know many people around us got COVID despite being at least double jabbed and some are vaccine injured or have died.

This vaccine injured health worker did a very kind thing when she made her video for her unvaccinated friends:

Hopefully more of our vaccinated friends will wake up and stand with us against this tyranny; until then, continue to speak out and counter the narrative at every opportunity, and may you be encouraged by this message read by Del Bigtree:

Conference of Conscience – Australian Doctors Finally Speak Out!


State Undemocracy Tour Stop 32 – SOE Square

Saturday 20 August @ King George Square, 1pm-3pm

Return human rights and medical freedom to QLD!

This is day 935 of the State of Emergency.

How much longer should it go on for??
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