December 19, 2023

by Aussie Roobs

Queensland, The Sunshine State, is ‘leading the way’ in unvaxxed children, and boy they are not happy Jan about it.

^^ See article behind the pay wall ^^


  • Link behind a paywall, see pics.


Yes, we “boast” the lowest childhood vaccination rates in the country. Hip Hip Hooray!

But is it really something to be proud of?

The stats say that well over 3/4s of children in Qld are still fully jabbed with all the childhood poisons.

Despite that, they’re never happy these pricks, check out some of the comments on the article in the following screenshots from the MSM thought piece of shit.

^^ Comments from the Courier Mail article ^^

There was only a few comments there at the time I took the screenshots, and I’m sure there’s quite a lot more now, there was some for and some against as you can see from the above pics.

But why is this even a thing?

It only became a thing when the government made it a thing. Before that we all got along.

The seeds of division are always sown by the government puppets and mainstream media. There’s no need for it, and it’s all about control.

YOU control your own life and that of your children, not the govt, media or random strangers making comments behind a paywall.

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