Hobart, Tasmania. 13th February, 2023. What is Stop The UTAS?

March 3, 2023

by Aussie Roobs

Stop The UTAS Move.

While we were in Tasmania recently we couldn’t help but notice these corflutes and signs all over Hobart saying ‘Stop The UTAS Move’

The activist in both Shazza and I were immediately curious as to what it was about and looked into it. Turns out the University Of Tasmania and the govt (surprise surprise) are in cohorts to move a beautiful old campus in the picturesque River Derwent suburb of Sandy Bay, to the Hobart CBD. And in another surprise, not, moment..turns out a lot of the new campus’ is proposed to be at ‘The Domain’. Which is where the Tasmanian Governor General’s is located coincidentally, or not.


The University wants to sell the grounds in Sandy Bay to the govt, and then the govt want to build one of those 15 minute cities there. Or as they call it, ‘a green precinct’. Complete with all the bullshit buzzwords that go along with that woke crap. By the way Hobart is a natural ’15 minute’ city. A short drive out of town and you’re in the wilderness anyway, that is what makes Tassie so special and beautiful.

So I made a video down there, in support of the locals that do not want this agenda in their city. It shouldn’t be anywhere, but the deep state cabal psychopaths and their local govt lackeys have infiltrated every city and town in Australia, and most Western Countries, and this is what they do. They try to disrupt the every day lives of people that live there. Especially in beautiful places like Hobart.

On the Gold Coast they are doing it with the Light Rail, the constant infrastructure projects that go nowhere and take forever, the over development and the grotesque art of the Gold Coast Arts Centre (HOTA) that happens to also be the Gold City Council Headquarters. (surprise surprise)

But it seems the decent people of Hobart who don’t want to see their local heritage go down the globalists toilet have had a win, or at least temporarily, In December 2022 , ‘The Hobart City Council has voted to request the University of Tasmania pause “all activities pertaining to its proposed campus relocation” from Sandy Bay into the Hobart CBD until further consultation is done’.


That was following a poll of Hobartians that resulted in a resounding ‘NO’ to the UTAS move.


Bravo Taswegians, Bravo.

But it’s still not over, all the signs are still up and these psychopaths do not give in until enough people say NO, and keep saying NO!

Freedom is not free nor is it stable, it requires eternal vigilance and monitoring cause once it’s gone it’s very difficult to get back.

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