Interview with a Satanic Ritual Abuse/Torture & Organ Harvesting Survivor.

December 23, 2022

by roobs

Interview with a satanic ritual torture/abuse and organ harvesting survivor.

20th December, 2022.

John Wilson interviews Ryan, who at the hands of ‘public health’ in Queensland, Australia has suffered ‘man made artery compression to induce thrombosis’, after a serious traffic accident left with him serious injuries to both legs. Whilst undergoing surgery arteries and tendons in his legs were harvested by the surgeon for the purposes of other people’s heart surgeries and ACL reconstructions.

Then after further surgery Ryan suffered what can only be described as a ‘Deliberate injury to cover up the organ trafficking’ and had a ‘foreign object’ inserted in his right knee and had the top of his knee cap ‘branded’ with…..well, I’ll let the viewer decide. Please watch the video to find out and SHARE this FAR AND WIDE!

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What the fuck is that? This is on Ryan’s right knee cap. MRI image of what appears to be a masonic symbol, five pointed star and a skeletal figure of a child.
Skeletal demonic figure of …something holding a ‘staff’ maybe?….MRI image with an aborted foetal skull embedded into his knee.

Ryan’s follow up to the interview.

Roobs and John Wilson 1st to the aid of SRA and public health organ trafficking survivor.

This was only a quick run down. If you want your freedom movement leaders to expose the underground public health SRA and human trafficking that occurs in Australia, send them my videos and tell your truther you want the truth. Investigative journalism is key to stopping this, cops don’t care, 99% of politicians don’t care, doctors are doing it.

Many don’t care to go here.

Email [email protected] to help…I can send you all the documents, evidence and MRI images. If you are a victim of SRA and/or Organ harvesting/trafficking please email me your story.

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