No Jab? Let’s Shag!

November 10, 2022

by roobs


Online dating sites are finding that the unvaxxed are in high demand, with both men and women opting for ‘purebloods’ over ‘sheeple’.

“To be unvaccinated is no longer fringe,” Amy, a Chicago marketing researcher said, “There are definitely characteristics of an unvaccinated man that women are looking for. Such as the strength to stand up for one’s beliefs, the courage to take risks, and the intelligence to not follow the mainstream narrative, proclaims the unvaccinated thirty-something busty blonde.”

Doug, a relationship expert from Utica, New York says, “It’s a big change from a year ago, last year, people were avoiding the unvaxxed like the plague, but now the unvaxxed are scoring more than a championship NBA team!”

“People aren’t looking for partners who enjoy long walks on the beach to watch sunsets, and dinners at fancy restaurants anymore,” says Doug.

“Is unvaccinated semen really the new Bitcoin?” asks Doug. Maybe it is Doug, maybe it is.
In other Bitcoin news, it just crashed.

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