Roobs Flyer Magazine 14th Edition & Flyer Of The Month 2.0!

July 27, 2023

by roobs

We have updated our Flyer Of The Month!

It is now fully authorised bro, and can go anywhere. It already has been everywhere, with tens of thousands going out already to all states of Australia. Thank you to everyone who has participated so far.

But we’re only just getting started, we need to send a clear message to the pinko commies that want to destroy our Nation that we say NO to racial division and corporate interests in Australia. This is OUR country, no matter what race, creed, nationality or religion we are. We are all Indigenous to the Earth, and we are all Australians.

Help spread this very important message to our Brothers and Sisters still blissfully unaware of the dire implications of the Voice To Parliament should it get up. Let them know we already have a Constitution that is racist: Section 51, Subsection xxvi; The Commonwealth has the right to make ‘special’ laws based on a citizens racial make-up.

That’s already in the Australian Constitution, the Voice will only reinforce that. Let your friends and family know what the real motivation for the Voice To Parliament is – It’s as sly as a toilet rodent.

One of the best ways to do that is our Flyer Of The Month 2.0! Check out the details here –

You can download the print ready PDF of this flyer here – and get it printed yourself, or, we can send you flyers.

If you are unable to get it printed yourself, please send an email to [email protected] and I will let you know how you can obtain these very important flyers.

Currently, we have a bulk order these flyers getting printed and they will be ready next week.

The flyers are DL Size / Double Sided / Glossy Colour / 150GSM

We also have vinyl waterproof bumper stickers, ‘It’s Time To Hit The Road Australia – Stick This On Your Rear End!’ –

Once again, I want to thank everybody who supports us. It’s been one hell of ride so far and we can’t wait to keep moving forward and helping wake up our fellow Aussies about the situation this country, and the world, finds itself in. The Great Awakening is truly happening and we are a part of it.


Roobs Flyer Magazine 14th Edition!

The Climate Hoax – They’re Lying.

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