August 19, 2022

by Aussie Roobs


Hi folks, I just got finished reading a very sad and disturbing email. It was about people who’ve died from the jab, or more specifically, first hand accounts about people who’ve died from the jab.

“As we resumed our walk she told me of a friend who was devastated because she had lost her
husband, her soul mate. He was a surgeon and had his own fertility clinic here on the coast. After
working in the garden he came inside the front door and fell on his face dead. He died
immediately and his wife was upset because she was couldn’t say goodbye to him. He was 50.
Since this death my friend advised me that four fathers, all in their 50s, whose children went to the
same school as hers have died suddenly.”

“On Christmas morning my daughter in Newcastle rang me in tears. Tom, 50, was her ex partner and father
of her children. He had wished his daughter Merry Christmas around 8.05 am and said see you at
nine as they always spend Christmas Day with his mother. When my granddaughter arrived at
9.00 am he was stone cold and had fallen flat on his face on the lawn. When both the ambulance
and the police arrived the first question they asked her was “Was he vaccinated and when?”,
“Yes”, she replied “He got his booster two weeks ago”.

“My first sight of an adverse effect was when a woman collapsed at Tai Chi in an anaphylactic
shock. She had been jabbed that day. She was hospitalised and recovered.
Shortly after the vax rollout a good friend collapsed to the ground at Helensvale, broke the left
side of her skull and was taken to hospital where they found heart problems which led to her
having to wear a pacemaker. She is okay but I have seen her ageing now rapidly. Prior to the jabs
she danced, exercised and was a very happy, active and healthy 76 year old”

These are just three accounts in the email, there’s many more.

It’s inspired me to create a new segment in the magazine called “Testimonies”

If you have a first hand account of someone you know who’s either died or had an adverse reaction to the covid poison, please send your testimony here ~ [email protected]

Let’s get this information out.

Thank you.

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