November 26, 2022

by roobs

Sport is a distraction.

Isn’t that lovely, smart cities & sport. Nice buzz words..

The Olympics – A part of the Globalists plan all along.

An extract from “Olympic Makeover” on Stephen Andrew’s ‘Kickstart Qld’ website. An excellent article guys.

“”The Smart Cities Council (SSC) is one of the world’s largest and most influential global ‘Smart Cities’ organisations, with offices all over the world.

Here in Australia, it has chosen Brisbane as its operational headquarters.

To “lay the ‘smart’ foundation for Queensland’s collective future in the digital economy”, the SSC says digital and data infrastructure must be ‘embedded’ into every single aspect of the games to “achieve maximum legacy impact”.

Major infrastructure programs together with the roll-out of the 5G-enabled Internet of Things (IoT), AI and Digital Twin marketplace will see the state’s “data collection technologies advance at an eye watering pace.

Under cover of the 2032 Olympics, the government will be transforming our state into one filled with data gathering, full spectrum surveillance, digital wallets, drone policing, wearable sensors and biometric tracking. All framed as tools for “sustainability” and “keeping you “safe”.

It may go by the name of “Safe Cities”, “Living Cities”, “Sustainable Cities”, “Resilient Cities” and “Build Back Better”, but at its heart it is a profoundly anti-human scheme.

One where eventually, tokenised credit and digital ID will be needed to go to work, school, the shops, to access public buildings, services and events.

A predatory “What works”, “data-driven” system, rebranded as circular economies and stakeholder capitalism.

Each life measured according to its perceived burden on society.

Who decided all this?

The same billionaire oligarchs who want us to all play along with their little charade that this is ‘saving the planet’.

Who want us to overlook the insane energy requirements needed to build and run this augmented reality, IoT, ‘Smart City’ delusion they are building.

To close our eyes to the child labour, turbo-charged minerals extraction, toxic waste, land grabs and enormous data centres cooled 24/7 by vast amounts of our precious water.””

See full article here ~

Yep, the Olympics, and every other major sporting event only benefit govt corporations and the ‘billionaire oligarchs’, and they are one and the same folks. The give each other huge contracts with all the different developers and other corporations to build the infrastructure, major pie fingering going on there by our so called elected politicians.

The Olympics, and the Commonwealth Games are proven small business killers. It’s no surprise they are too, because these criminals masquerading in govt hate small business, because it takes $$$ away from their greasy palms. As if they don’t have enough already.

And it’s no surprise they are pushing the ‘smart city’ agenda in conjunction with the Olympics, look at all the buzzwords there. No coincidence there at all……

All the usual suspects, Anna Pale of Shite and her pie fingering, data collecting Daddy. It’s all one big incestuous club folks and we ain’t in it.

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