The Truth Plane In Action – 10/10/23

October 11, 2023

by roobs

We hired a light plane from and towed a banner from The Northern Rivers, over the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and back, that read “Vote NO To Division”.

There is a very divisive Referendum happening in Australia at the moment, basically the government want to amend The Constitution to give the “Indigenous” people of this country a “Voice”

But they already have a Voice in Federal Parliament, which is 11 Indigenous MPs and Senators. And they are an Over-Representation of our Aboriginal people per capita. We do that well here in Australia, we respect our Aboriginal Heritage. We do not need another “Voice” or “Advisory” body, we have enough already and not to mention the Billions in taxpayer funding each year that these Aboriginal Advisory Bodies and Land Councils, already receive. Which very little of, filters through to the struggling Aboriginal communities throughout The Continent.

The only thing Albo the Plantation manager intends of giving the Aborigines with this Voice To Parliament is a little bit extra salt in their corn beef. That’s it, nothing more. And all these fake corporate black fellas such as Noel Pearson, Marcia Langdon, Linda Burnley and Thomas Mayo, are all communists and Rothschild House Niggers with Gucci Handbags. They are not entitled to one square inch of land on this Continent and should buy a one way ticket to Davos and stay there!

Vote NO To Division and Keep Australia Fair and Free!

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