Threat Analysis Propaganda Directed At No Campaigners.

August 30, 2023

by roobs

In true communist fashion, the communists are blaming No Vote “disinformation” on, wait for it……Communists.

Hilarious folks, but we shouldn’t be surprised as that’s what pinko commies do.

Who is Recorded Future and The Insikt Group?

“Insikt Group is Recorded Future’s threat research division, comprising analysts and security researchers with deep government, law enforcement, military, and intelligence agency experience.”

Threat Analysis of No To The Voice Influencers.

The international threat assessment group ‘Recorded Future’ have put together this ‘dossier’ outlining the threats to The Voice To Parliament. See PDF –

Roobs gets a mention on page 7 with our bumper stickers and ‘deep fake’ video of Albo in a strait jacket from the 13th Edition Roobs Flyer Magazine promo video.

“In addition, the Aboriginal Voice Exposed Telegram channel promoted merchandise comparing the
Voice to apartheid on the website roobsflyers[.]com. We note that this website has also historically
provided in-depth coordination for a “mass flyer drop”, demonstrating the capability to coordinate the
physical delivery of influential content.”

All I can say is, thanks for the free publicity Insikt Group, you’ve helped our cause immensely. Contrary to your diatribe that we are funded by the CCP, can you contact them for us and ask that they expedite payment to my account please?

I haven’t received any funds yet from Chairman Mao.

This report wouldn’t have been cheap to compile, the fact that they have to pay for and resort to this kind of propaganda against us shows that we are WINNING.

Every single group mentioned in the Recorded Future’s Threat Analysis Report are self funded. It’s absolute BS about the Chinese Communist Party funding, and quite hilarious. That’s the difference between the NO side, and the YES side.

The NO side do it for free, volunteer their time for free, are fully self funded and we do it because we care about the future of our country.

The YES side do it with millions in funding from the Govt and Big Corp, and do it because they are told to and do not even know what it is they are voting for. Most do not even know we have a Constitution in this country and all are Labor and Green parroting robots without a soul.

That’s the difference folks.

The number 1 Communist tactic is, and has always been, make people believe the enemy is doing something that they are most guilty of themselves.

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