July 11, 2023

by roobs

Two Traditional Owners??


A $232 million freeway extension opening in Perth has been held up after a heated argument broke out between two traditional owners over who had the right to conduct the smoking ceremony.

The uncomfortable scenes, which played out in front of WA Transport Minister Rita Saffioti and other officials in the middle of the new Mitchell Freeway extension in the city’s northern suburbs, should have been a routine ribbon cutting event ahead of the road’s official opening on Monday.

It comes as sweeping new Aboriginal cultural heritage laws came into effect in WA this month, imposing harsh penalties for damaging sites of traditional significance.

“People are worried about their future and fear being bound up in red tape which could require permits for things such as putting a new fence in, digging a dam or removing noxious vegetation”, said Opposition lands spokesman Neil Thomson.



This is the kind of absolute BS we are experiencing now in this country WITHOUT the Voice To Parliament, can you imagine how bad it will be if the Voice To Parliament gets up.

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