WE ARE READY RALLY – Coolangatta/Tweed Heads, Australia. 20th May, 2023.

May 25, 2023

by roobs

One of over 200 locations worldwide saying NO to the Globalists who want to enslave us all.

Above; 1st Speaker of the day, Zarshua Mack – Championing Indigeneous Rights.

Below; The Smits and Mr Rogers.

Above; The Suspended Dr William Bay.

Below; Mistakes Were NOT Made.

Above; Roobs from Roobs Flyers.

Below; Dylan Oakley.

Above; Kevin Loughrey – Former Australian Army Officer.

Below; Mandy Bishop – Off Grid Living.

Above; Dave Oneegs workout.

Below; Luke Hart from Bike Ride For Freedom.

Above; Paul Seils wraps it up.

What a great day! We’ll be back to do it all again, one day, no doubt.

Say NO To The Globalists, DO NOT COMPLY!

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The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right All Along.

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